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Distributors of Diagraph Manual Marking & Coding Products to the UK and Europe
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Loveshaw Europe are also distributors for Little David Case Sealers, Case Erectors, Pallet Wrappers and Ink Jet Printers, please click here for further information.

Customers for manual marking products who are located in the Americas (including the USA and Canada) should visit for ordering information.


Diagraph Products Division

Loveshaw Europe distribute the Diagraph range of Manual Marking & Coding products. This includes stencilling ink, rollers, markers, stencil board, stencilling machines, (including the new SC5 electronic stencil cutting machine) and custom made stencils & stamps. Please see our stencils page for prices on standard sizes for the ISPM15 mark and international shipping marks.

These products are used by pallet manufacturers, export shippers, chemical manufacturers and many more companies where manual marking provides an easy and economic solution.

Loveshaw Europe have been part of the Illinois Tool Works (ITW) since 1995 and Diagraph Inc. was acquired in 2001 our ongoing aim is to build on our current market position and reputation by supplying excellent products and customer service.

You can now order from us using this site. Due to restrictions on the carrage or the weight of some of our products, customers outside of the UK might have to contact us by phone, fax or email regarding shipping costs before their order can be completed.

Any goods ordered before 1pm will be despatched for next day delivery*


Please browse through our shop and see our full range of products:

  • Stencil Cutters
  • Rol-It-On Kits and spares
  • Stencil and Roller Conditioner
  • GS, R and S class inks
  • Rol-Flo Assembly
  • HV Roller Assembly
  • Stencil Boards
  • Model M Brush and spares
  • Mark-X Markers
  • Permaline Markers
  • Jumbo Insta Markers
  • GPX markers
  • Quik-Spray Aerosol Inks
  • Oneshot Roller Assembly and spares
  • Oneshot Brush Assembly
  • Oneshot Kit
  • Oneshot Ink Cartridges
  • Large Ink Pads

*UK only for items in stock, for orders made on Monday to Friday.

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